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The studio’s approach to residential architecture includes both an intuitive, empathic vision as to how a new space shall be created and a rational one, based on coherent mathematical calculations and empirical methods. Our final private houses architecture projects meet the functional needs of the owners. The high level of effectiveness of the architectural design and its longevity are the values that have become the driving force for our team.

SENCE ARCHITECTS - Architectural Design Of Villas And Houses 3

Starting from the first stage of defining a concept and finishing with the last stage of implementing the project into a physical being, we offer continuous author supervision of all steps of the process. We strive to create an aesthetically and functionally bound flow of architecture customising it to the surroundings of the area. Our studio has established its approaches to architectural projects within 8 years of experience in design with launching and realising projects of various levels of complexity in different corners of the world, including Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, and the UAE. Thus, we offer knowledge in diverse design techniques, which allows us to create a space where function and harmony meet to serve your needs.

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