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Discreet and laconic apartments are a modern solution for a young and active family. Absolutely simple shapes and nothing more. A noble emerald color accentuated the interior.

By its very name, this color reminds of sophistication and luxury. Various shades of precious stones give the interior a special sophistication and nobility.

An island of greenery in the living room nestles a sofa, which is “supported” by a green panel on the wall.

The bathroom has dark plumbing installed in combination with dark emerald tiles on the walls. Such an apartment interior design remains relevant for a long time. A certain contrast creates a lighter ceiling and floor.

An equally interesting solution to the “bright accent” is for a teenage room, where it is necessary to create the most creative and gentle environment. We used dusty pink on the writing corner, poufs, and wall decor. As if the artist made a brush stroke with pink paint.

Size / 93 sq.m.

Year / 2019

Location / Kyiv, Ukraine

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