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The interior uses colors characteristic of the loft style, such as gray, graphite, and brown. Stylish furniture harmoniously complements the overall design concept.

The main task was to think about the versatility of the space of the apartment.

To increase the area, we combined the living room and dining room, decorating them with futuristic pendant lamps that look more like art objects. A fireplace is built into one of the walls, near which you can warm up in winter, sitting in one of the deep armchairs or on a large soft sofa.

For comfortable work in the apartment, we equipped the office with a massive classic table, a full-length bookshelf, and a telescope.

There are also two bedrooms decorated with lamps with designer lighting. Each of the bedrooms has its bathroom.

Size / 280 sq.m.

Year / 2018

Location / Kyiv, Ukraine

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