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House interior cases are one of the main expertise areas our team provides design services in. Following the integrity of the space principle, we consider a house interior as a wholesome being whose design is to be chosen attentively as to the wishes of a customer. 

SENCE ARCHITECTS - Interior Design Of Villas And Houses 3

Before stepping into the power of creating a design, our team devotes time to a thorough study of an area of the house and a client’s lifestyle. We do appreciate classic approaches to interior design and we are also always up for a challenge. Experimenting with house spaces, whatever their area might be, is every time a new opportunity for our team to launch advanced ideas coherent with the needs of a certain customer.

Our main priority is to make a design which will become a part of the main concept of the house, where one can feel comfortable, safe, and at peace. To achieve this feeling the members of our design team create a strategic plan for implementing the project step by step, at each stage of which there is a professional dealing with it. The ambition is realised only when the ideal home is created by balancing fundamental principles of house interiors and the client’s vision, as well as the rationality principle and the visual flow in a space.

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