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Sence Architects Project -Casa Lia


No extravagance: a comfortable house with two bedrooms, an office, a guest bedroom and a spacious relaxation area on the first floor.

Modern design with straight roofs and panoramic glazing perfectly harmonizes with the surrounding landscape. The warm color scheme, ceramic granite, thermal board, and thin lintels of panoramic windows repeat the color scheme of a sunlit pine forest. Soft color tones are emphasized by the directed light of the facade lamps located along the perimeter of the first and second tiers.

The first floor is a public space. Right at the entrance to Casa Lia, we have placed a spacious wardrobe for outerwear, bags, suitcases and shoes. On the other side of the hall - stairs to the second floor.

The second floor is a private area. In the center is the hall with access to the balcony and the owner's office with a view of the courtyard. On the sides of the second tier are two bedrooms

Size / 415 sq.m.

Year / 2021

Location / Kyiv region, Ukraine

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