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Through the analysis of similar objects of foreign specialists, as well as the use of modern BIM design and calculation technologies, SENCE team came to the conclusion that the project will be implemented through integration development into the existing landscape in order to place a farm house, park paths, a playground, a guard house, and a dog enclosure on the territory while leaving fruit trees.

Development and design took 3 months. To create the project, the customer approved the concept provided by the SENCE ARCHITECTS team:

  • monolithic frame system of the building, to increase the reliability and increase the durability of the house;

  • natural finishing materials – porcelain stoneware, metal, thermal wood;

  • decorative lighting of the facade and subject lighting for the improvement of the territory;

  • For a complete immersion in the future space, SENCE visualizers provided the client with photorealistic 3D visualizations.

Size / 562 sq.m.

Year / 2020

Location / Ukraine

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