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5 steps to renovate your perfect home with SENCE ARCHITECTS

When it comes to breathing new life into an interior space, the first thing that comes to mind is “renovation”. It's a multi-stage process that offers not just a transformation of the interior, but lifestyle too. But let’s cut to the chase - renovation is a structured process requiring careful planning, execution, and management. In this article we’ll walk through our renovation process, from concept development to completion.

5 steps to renovate your perfect home with SENCE ARCHITECTS

Stage 1. Conceptual Foundation

We understand renovating an comes with certain challenges. Existing architectural elements, layout, and aesthetics may seem restricting at first. But with careful planning, we find creative ways to honor the home’s history while realizing your vision.

We start by studying the site – previous renovations and unique features. This helps us understand what gives the space character. We determine which original elements can be preserved, refreshed, or repurposed to enhance the new interior design. Where needed, we modify layouts and openings to improve flow and function without compromising style.

What we offer you:

  • The first step in transforming your home is an in-depth consultation with our team of residential interior designers. During this, we’ll focus on understanding how you envision using your home aligned with your lifestyle and needs.

  • Leveraging their experience, our interior designers will analyze the existing layout. This enables developing a whole-home renovation plan to enhance aesthetics, maximize space utilization, and heighten functionality.

Stage 2. Bespoke Design and Planning

Interior design is not just aesthetics, but also functionality. Once the concept is approved, our team of architects and interior designers starts developing the project (from layout to visualization). Our team creates comprehensive plans covering every aspect, from structural changes and finishes to furniture and décor elements. These detailed plans become the “roadmap” for builders and suppliers, ensuring accurate execution per the designs.

What we offer you:

  • Architectural drawings with complete layout descriptions.

  • Realistic 3D renders illustrating every detail of the living space.

Stage 3. Reliable Sourcing and Design Support

At SENCE ARCHITECTS we understand the challenges of sourcing materials and furniture in Cyprus. While we leverage our relationships with local vendors for many items, we also have trusted international partners we rely on to import required elements in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Ensuring seamless execution of your project start to finish is our priority. With our interior design support, you can be confident your project will be delivered per the plan.

What we offer you:

  • Access to quality furnishings through our network of reliable vendors.

  • Competitive pricing owing to our connections.

  • Efficient coordination of procurement and delivery.

Stage 4. A Hassle-Free Process for You

We know you lead a busy life filled with important priorities like work, family, and personal interests. Our goal is to lift the burden of project execution off your shoulders so you can relax knowing it’s in good hands. We want you to enjoy the finished renovation without worrying about the process.

What we offer you:

  • A personal project manager. No need to coordinate across multiple parties or keep track of who to contact and when. Your personal project manager will be your single point of contact, sparing you the extra hassle of managing the home remodeling project. 

  • We’ll oversee all project stages from design through completion so you can focus on your responsibilities.

Stage 5. Execution – The SENCE ARCHITECTS Experience

At every stage of execution, our team will be by your side to ensure the end result aligns with the envisioned concept.

What we offer you:

  • Design supervision – our interior designers will conduct regular implementation checks to guarantee adherence to the agreed concept.

  • We develop contingency plans for unforeseen circumstances, so we can smoothly shift gears if situations change. Regardless of plan A, B, or C, our focus stays on delivering your residential redesign project.


We've pulled off successful projects in over 4 countries, all tailored to the unique needs and tastes of each client. Whether your home is in Cyprus, Ukraine, or the most remote corner of the globe, our team will whip up an interior design that mirrors your personal lifestyle and dreams.


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