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Interior Design Trends in 2024: Textured, Tactile, and Full of Character

As 2024 approaches, SENCE ARCHITECTS delves into the future trends in interior design that will shape living spaces next year. Drawing on information from reputable sources such as Architectural Digest (AD), Elle Decor, and Vogue, we have identified key trends that align flawlessly with our design philosophy, offering a glimpse into the evolution of interior design.

Apartment project in Warsaw by SENCE ARCHITECTS
Apartment project in Warsaw by SENCE ARCHITECTS

More Tactile Textures in Interior Design

According to AD's 2024 forecast, bouclé upholstery remains widely popular due to its cozy, fleecy texture. However, designers predict two-tone bouclé fabrics combined with other soft fabrics like chenille will become even more popular.

"The days of plain cream and white bouclé are over," explains AD100 designer Josh Greene. "This desire for more dynamic textures beyond plain bouclé indicates that tactile fabrics will reign supreme in 2024."

sence architects_Interior Design Trends in 2024_1
Boucle fabric

Curves Meet Straight Lines

Both AD and Elle Decor note that 2024 will feature sensual curves in furniture and architecture balanced with straight lines. The undulating curves of Vladimir Kagan sofas paired with restrained modern chairs create an attractive contrast. Embossed frames and arched doorways bring warmth to the room versus more angular shapes.

sence architects_Interior Design Trends in 2024_2
Soft curves of the Gogan armchair by Patricia Urquiola combined with clear lines of the TV area create a contrast in Harmony Home project by SENCE ARCHITECTS

High-Tech Lighting Assists Décor

LED lighting with quick adjustability continues rapid growth according to Elle Decor, helping create different atmospheres more dramatically. This space-transforming technology allows the look and feel of a room to change at the touch of a button. Demand for color temperature and intensity control solutions is exponentially increasing.

Personalized Interiors With Character

Vogue's 2024 forecast emphasizes personalized spaces full of character instead of template chasing. From vintage flea market finds to unexpected color schemes and quirky art, injecting personality and tailoring the interior to the client's lifestyle is increasingly important.

sence architects_Interior Design Trends in 2024_4
Bedroom for a teenager according to individual preferences by SENCE ARCHITECTS

Hybrid Layouts Balance Openness and Privacy

As more people return to the office post-pandemic, pandemic-induced home transformations will not disappear completely. AD predicts that in 2024, residents will continue demanding layouts balancing open common areas with private spaces to work or relax as needed. As residents become accustomed to areas tailored to work and hobbies, customized layouts provide comfort and flexibility.

sence architects_Interior Design Trends in 2024_5
Separate home office in Garden project by SENCE ARCHITECTS

Peach Fuzz – 2024's Cozy Color of the Year

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute chooses the shades that will dominate the coming year. For 2024, they selected Peach Fuzz, described as “a warm and cozy hue emphasizing our desire for oneness with others and the feelings it evokes," exuding care and togetherness. While Pantone's selection reflects color trends, we focus more on choosing shades retaining appeal over time.

sence architects_Interior Design Trends in 2024_6
Image generated by artificial intelligence


As we look ahead to 2024, it's clear that interior design trends are focusing on comfort, character, and personalization. Tactile textures, curved lines, customizable lighting, and unique styles will define living spaces.

If you're looking to give your home a fresh new look aligned with the latest forecasts, contact our team of expert interior designers at SENCE ARCHITECTS. We stay on top of innovations in the interior design world and can help craft a beautiful, inviting, and one-of-a-kind living environment tailored precisely to your lifestyle and tastes.

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