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Surrounded by the tranquility and harmony of nature, we're delighted to introduce the Rest project - a reimagining of space and lifestyle for one family. A private residence that combines two key functions - creating a cozy environment for family living and providing an area to enjoy relaxed gatherings with friends and relatives.

Departing from their former two-story house, the clients decided to remodel the space into a spacious single-level residence with an integrated garage, new layout, and recreation zones. The architects at SENCE proposed a concept where the home's form consists of cascading volumes - from the entrance through the garage up to the rooftop and pool terrace level, creating a sense of unified, flowing space.

As you immerse yourself in the interior, you feel a sense of harmony and freedom. The large, bright living-dining area soars 5 meters high, with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows that streams in natural sunlight. Air circulates freely, infusing the space with freshness and vitality.

The private wing houses the bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet for family members. Yet from here, an untroubled vista of the pool's azure surface invites a relaxing atmosphere.

Beyond the sliding glass doors lies a true recreation haven. A spacious terrace with built-in barbecue area is embraced by the coziness of a pergola. Alongside, like a vast mirror, the pool stretches out - enticing you to bask under the sun's rays or starlight. Nearby, shaded lounge zones beckon for leisurely gatherings with loved ones.

To enable effortless access throughout the house and garage, the landscape was radically reshaped. This instills a sense of freedom of movement and unity with nature.

Light, natural materials - wood, stone, brick - create a feeling of harmonious integration with the surroundings. At night, meticulously designed lighting transforms the home into a graphic installation, with lines and volumes playing with light and shadow, accentuating the architectural expression. The Rest residence is a true sanctuary of serenity and comfort amidst nature.

Size / 388 sq.m.

Year / 2024

Location / Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine

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