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Sence Architects - Сенс Архітекс_Hill (interior) project


It's nothing extra, the square footage and purpose of the premises are precisely calculated, harmonious
location of furniture and household appliances.
Modern design combined with straight lines and panoramic glazing perfectly harmonizes with the surrounding landscape. Warm colors, ceramic granite, wood, and the thin lines of lighting in the design only emphasize Hill House's luxury.

A journey through the house
Just outside the entrance on the basement floor of Hill House is a spacious cloakroom for outerwear, bags, suitcases, and shoes. Having passed inside the house, you immediately you find yourself in a sports and SPA area where you can relax after everyday tasks. And in the evening with friends on the terrace taste the most delicious wine from your wine cellar.
On the other side of the hall on the basement floor are the stairs that will take you to the first floor.
This is where the master bedroom and two children's rooms with dressing rooms are located. Center the first floor has a luxurious kitchen-living room. Having brewed morning coffee immediately with living room sliding transparent windows will take you to a spacious terrace covered from the rain and snow with a strong canopy.
Hill House - enjoy every millimeter of private space, far away from the noise of the metropolis, with the closest people.

Size / 663 sq.m.

Year / 2022

Location / Ukraine

Sence Architects - Сенс Архітекс 11

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