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Experience the epitome of minimalist modern style in this interior design project for a private house in Cyprus, Limassol. 

Our task was clear: to craft a space that exudes brightness, cleanliness, and order, utilizing natural materials. 
To seamlessly merge the beauty of the surrounding environment with the interior, truly bringing people and nature together. Adorned with stone, reminiscent of sandy slopes, the TV area boasts an enchanting allure. The sofa modules, with their rounded shape akin to large stones, offer both comfort and visual aesthetic. A fireplace graces the house, infusing it with warmth and coziness. In the dining and kitchen areas, where veneered wooden facades and natural travertine stone captivate the eye. Finally, the vibrant camel shade adorning the armchairs and chairs adds a pop of color, enlivening this minimalistic space. 

Size / 350 sq.m.

Year / 2023

Location / Cyprus, Limassol

Sence Architects - Сенс Архітекс 11

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