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NOM House is an architectural project located in Limassol, Cyprus, designed to meet the needs of a young family. The house is situated on a small plot of land, offering a cozy living space with the potential for future expansion. 

The two-story residence features spacious and bright rooms, including two bedrooms on the second floor with private bathrooms. The bedrooms connect to a large terrace enclosed by translucent sliding doors, providing both privacy and a connection to nature while protecting against direct sunlight. 

On the first floor, there is an open kitchen and a spacious living room that opens up to a courtyard with an outdoor pool and a green area with native plants. The courtyard also includes a covered barbecue area and a large dining table for outdoor family meals. 

The architectural design incorporates materials that reflect the local character and spirit of Cyprus, such as facing stone for the perimeter fence and accent walls, composite decking, porcelain tiles, and a milky colored facade plaster complemented by natural wood textures.

Size / 300 sq.m.

Year / 2023

Location / Limassol, Cyprus


Our approach was to maximize natural light, enhancing the open feel of the home. We achieved this through a palette of light shades on the walls and floors, creating a tranquil backdrop for home life.

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