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In the living room, simplicity meets sophistication. The sleek open kitchen flows seamlessly into the spacious living area. A unique feature of the layout is a mechanism that can transform the space from open to closed, providing both privacy and openness as desired. Natural materials prevail in the interior: wood brings warmth to each room, while the microcement floors add a touch of contemporary elegance. Elements of natural stone ground the space, bringing an organic touch to the modern home.

The furniture is selected for both comfort and aesthetic appeal, with soft fabrics and a neutral color scheme. Instead of a traditional TV, we opted for a projector, adding a contemporary, cinematic feel to the living space. The fireplace has a curved metal wood shelf that is as functional as it is artistic.

Upstairs is the master bedroom and a teen girl's bedroom. The master bedroom is a light-filled respite, with a feature wall of glass blocks elegantly separating it from the bathroom. This private nook is done in contemporary terracotta tones with dark hardware, creating a space that is simultaneously lush and relaxing.

The teen girl's room, decorated in soft milky tones with delicate accents of light blue and light pink, is an airy and modern space for inspiration.

The interior of the NOM house is designed not just to be seen, but to be lived in, creating an environment where every moment is spent in comfort and style.

Size / 300 sq.m.

Year / 2024

Location / Limassol, Cyprus

Last year we introduced our architectural concept for the NOM house located in Limassol, Cyprus. Now we are excited to show you the interior design of this space!

Our approach was to maximize natural light, enhancing the open feel of the home. We achieved this through a palette of light shades on the walls and floors, creating a tranquil backdrop for home life.


NOM House is an architectural project located in Limassol, Cyprus, designed to meet the needs of a young family. The house is situated on a small plot of land, offering a cozy living space with the potential for future expansion.

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