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Located in the picturesque landscape of Limassol, Cyprus, residence showcases our experience in blending modern architecture with the rugged beauty of the mountainous terrain. Our approach to this project was guided by the principle of enhancing the natural landscape, rather than imposing on it. The uniqueness of Stone lies in its partial integration into the mountain itself. This design choice not only pays respect to the local geography but also serves practical purposes, offering improved thermal insulation and structural stability.

Thoughtful planning of the residence reflects our understanding of the client’s lifestyle and needs. For example, the main entrance, garage, and a dedicated workspace suited for remote work - an increasingly common aspect of modern life - are located on the ground floor.

The first floor emphasizes privacy and comfort. The master bedroom, kids‘ bedrooms provide personal space for retreat while a shared terrace connects these spaces, offering stunning mountain views.

The basement is where architectural ingenuity truly shines. Envisioned as a space for relaxation and entertaining, this floor seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor living. One side of the basement is partially integrated into the mountainside, creating a cozy nook for relaxation, while the other side opens onto a spacious terrace with an open pool and outdoor theater.

Size / 810 sq.m.

Year / 2024

Location / Limassol, Cyprus

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