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Sense & Science. The formula for perfect interior design in your home

We have all encountered spaces that felt "off" to us - too cramped, too large, too eccentric, or simply unbalanced in some way. When it comes to top-notch residential spaces, aligning dimensions and a sense of harmony is crucial for creating comfort and functionality. The principles of balance, proportion, and scale provide a mathematical and human-oriented foundation for harmonious home interior design design.

Sense & Science. The formula for perfect interior design through Balance, Proportion, and Scale in your living space Sence Architects 4

Balance: when form meets function

Remember trying to balance the swings on the playground as a child? The same principle applies to home design, except instead of evenly distributing weight, the goal is to harmonize aesthetics (form) with practical needs (function). This may mean balancing an open-concept living room that is elegantly styled yet structured for comfortable socializing. Or a primary bedroom that is a work of art but also has functional zones for relaxation, dressing, and privacy.

The best spaces feel as natural as they are thoughtful. Unbalanced interor design stands out like an error - excessive sophistication without proper utility, or a purely practical configuration devoid of sensory enjoyment. Balance promotes design integrity on both a spatial and psychological level.

Sense & Science. The formula for perfect interior design through Balance, Proportion, and Scale in your living space Sence Architects 1
Example: An open-plan living room beautifully combines form and functionality. A sectional sofa zones the space into areas for relaxation and food preparation without compromising aesthetics.

Proportion: finding the golden mean

Proper proportioning is key to ensuring a room doesn't feel awkward or lopsided, too cramped or bulky, too square or elongated.

Take a living room, for example - effective planning provides the right ratio of communal to private zones, so neither overshadows or interferes with the other. In a kitchen, correct proportions optimize spatial flow between prep, cooking, and clean-up areas.

Professional architects apply mathematical formulas such as the golden ratio and other compositional techniques to hardwire the right proportions into the DNA of each room.

Sense & Science. The formula for perfect interior design through Balance, Proportion, and Scale in your living space Sence Architects 2
Example: Kitchens designed using the golden ratio formula.

Scale: interior design oriented around its inhabitants

When it comes to interior design, one of the most important principles architects work by is considering the comfort and needs of people in their own space. After all, the entire point of home design is to create a space that is livable and accommodates human needs, not just precise measurements.

So while mathematical calculations are an important foundation, the true art lies in adapting the numbers to the human body. This means ensuring ceiling heights don't induce vertigo or claustrophobia. Factoring in the height of the average person for the placement of switches, shelves, and other surfaces. Developing efficient yet "breathing" flows of movement between rooms and activity zones. Tailoring every nook and cranny to the human experience.

Designers consider the ergonomics of human height even in furniture: chairs and sofas should allow the body to settle into them naturally without requiring circus tricks.

It is this thoughtful calibration of dimensions to human needs that makes a space livable.

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The devil is in the details

Achieving the perfect balance, proportion, and scale requires an individualized approach to each project. Universal standards are merely a starting point; the real mastery lies in fine-tuning these principles to the unique parameters of a particular space and the lifestyle of the client. Whether it's a private home or a city apartment, professional architects and designers are able to create harmonious homes that are perfectly attuned to human needs and preferences.

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