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SENCE ARCHITECTS: A Year in Review - Our Most Inspiring Creations of 2023

It was another great year for SENCE ARCHITECTS. We are very proud of all the wonderful projects that our team brought to life in 2023. In everything we do, we try to take into account the location, needs and tastes of our clients, as well as the latest global trends in architecture and design.

Through these spaces, we want to showcase the SENCE ARCHITECTS philosophy where modern aesthetics meets functionality. 

We invite you to check out some of our favorite works from the last 12 months.


VILLA LUMINA, Paphos, Cyprus

Blog_Wrapping Up 2023 with Sence Architects_1

Nestled in Paphos, Villa Lumina seamlessly blends contemporary architecture with nature preservation. The use of stone, wood, and porcelain tile complements the Cypriot landscape, while the open plan kitchen and master bedroom creates a harmonious living space. The entrance to the villa leads to an interior courtyard connected to the terrace and pool, expanding opportunities for outdoor living.


MINIMUM, Limassol, Cyprus

Blog_Wrapping Up 2023 with Sence Architects_4

This minimalist home in Limassol oozes purity and order through its interior design. Stone, wood veneer, and natural travertine grace the space, creating a carefree vibe. Rounded shapes of sofas and a cozy fireplace add visual intrigue, bringing this minimalist space to life.


OXIDIA, a suburb of Kyiv, Ukraine

Blog_Wrapping Up 2023 with Sence Architects_30

Oxidia is a minimalist two-story house for a young modern family. Designed to embrace the natural landscape, it features an open-concept main floor and panoramic windows. The exterior combines Corten steel and architectural concrete, pairing an organic aesthetic with modern geometric lines.


NOM HOUSE, Limassol, Cyprus

Blog_Wrapping Up 2023 with Sence Architects_7

Tucked away on a petite plot, Nom House offers a cozy home with potential for expansion. Spacious rooms, an inner courtyard with a pool, and local materials like cladding stone and porcelain tile demonstrate the essence of Cyprus. The design reflects a balance between privacy and connecting with nature.


HARMONY HOME, Limassol, Cyprus

Blog_Wrapping Up 2023 with Sence Architects_10

Designed for the comfort of its residents, Harmony Home boasts simplicity and elegance. Light, natural colors and materials create a peaceful atmosphere, while travertine, porcelain tile, and natural wood enhance the visual and tactile experience. Rounded shapes in the furniture design emphasize the interior's softness.


NATURAL HOME, Limassol, Cyprus

Blog_Wrapping Up 2023 with Sence Architects_13

Embodying contemporary design with minimalist aesthetics, Natural Home plays with monochromatic colors and wood textures. Linear dark pendant lights unite the space, providing functional lighting and a modern flair. The design focuses on creating warmth and a tactile connection to the surroundings. 


HILLSIDE HAVEN, Limassol, Cyprus

Blog_Wrapping Up 2023 with Sence Architects_16

Nestled in the hills, Hillside Haven seamlessly integrates contemporary architecture and nature. Carefully planned interior and exterior design creates a serene oasis, emphasizing a seamless connection with the natural setting.



Blog_Wrapping Up 2023 with Sence Architects_17

The Crystal Apartment in Kyiv harmoniously blends timeless aesthetics and modern comfort. Soft light shades, natural materials, and contrasting accents craft an ambiance of tranquility and elegance in each room.



Blog_Wrapping Up 2023 with Sence Architects_24

With contrasting materials and harmonious textures, the Luna Apartment in Kyiv makes a tactile statement. Drawing inspiration from natural hues, the design incorporates Ukrainian-made furniture and bold accent colors to create a dynamic, cozy living space.


NEOCLASSIC, Warsaw, Poland

Blog_Wrapping Up 2023 with Sence Architects_34

This neoclassical apartment in Warsaw seamlessly blends modern and classic elements, adding character and warmth. Open kitchens, oak textures, and contrasting bathroom tiles demonstrate a thoughtful fusion of styles.


TWO HOUSES, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Blog_Wrapping Up 2023 with Sence Architects_21

The Two Houses project in Vinnytsia embodies architectural artistry, combining aesthetics, naturalness, and functionality. The use of natural materials and expansive glazing connects the homes to the surrounding forest.



Stay tuned for news on an upcoming project in California, promising a fusion of sophistication and functional spatial design.

Blog_Wrapping Up 2023 with Sence Architects_33

In our designs, we sought to reimagine living spaces by combining innovation, functionality, and an unwavering pursuit of detail perfection.

Thank you for being part of our 2023 story, and see you in 2024 with exciting new projects!


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